In 2004, on the outskirts of Kolkata, a small designing and printing house was established and named as ‘Technoland’. The house itself the brainchild of an enthusiastic and eminent entrepreneur named Supriya Jana and founded by two efficient creative duo Pardip Dey and Palash Saha.

Since then the house showing consistency and excellence in terms of quality work, superior materials, and on-time delivery. Now the house made its mark on the field of branding and promotion.

Technoland already gaining its popularity due to its affordable pricing and distinguishing performances in Digital Marketing, Printing, and Advertising Service.

Right now it is marked as satisfaction and affordable destination for all businesses longing for better service, commitment and reliability. Our Service helps the business to get better ROI and generate the desired revenue.

Technoland encompasses Digital Marketing, Creative Designing, Website Development, Mobile App Development, and Various Printing and packaging. All are done in a single roof.

Our Motto

  • Branding and Promotion
  • Digital Marketing

Our Business Process flow chart

  • Customer requisition or query
  • Quotation
  • A round table meeting on creative drives, estimation and pre-production charting.
    Final work order
  • Production or development process
    Reports for approval
  • Production completion and on-time delivery
    Post-production dealings along with balance sheet or any other needy documentations.

Our working territory:

Printing: West Bengal
Digital Marketing : Pan India


11 prestigious foreign awards for excellence in creative Ad-designing.

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